Criminal Barrister

A dedicated service for instructing a criminal barrister directly in all criminal law matters

If you are seeking for expert advice and specialist representation in court for a criminal offence, a ground breaking change in the rules in instructing barristers has meant that members of the public can now directly seek the services of a criminal barrister, without a solicitor.

This service is provided by experienced criminal barristers in all aspects of criminal law at every stage in the criminal prosecution process, from pre-charge advice, representation in the Crown Court to arguing cases in the Court of Appeal, a comprehensive service in one place.

We represent individuals, small and medium sized business and corporations for regulatory offence and breaches.

We offer a range of services from the instructing of leading Criminal Queens Counsel (QC’s) in the most complex and serious cases of fraud, business crime and murder. We also provide expert representation in all Magistrates Court and Crown Court matters and a dedicated motoring barrister service in all matters relating to road traffic law and motoring offences.

Criminal Defence Barristers: committed, fearless and passionate…

Our service is an exclusive criminal defence barrister service. Civil liberties and human rights are at the forefront of our work and we are committed to the principle of justice for all. We pride ourselves on providing a first-class service with skill and commitment, in a straight talking down to earth away.

Increasing access to justice and reducing costs

Direct access benefits you in that if your case does not require a solicitor you do not then need to pay for two lawyers. Instead you pay for one expert lawyer for advice and advocacy (a barrister) without having to also pay for a solicitor. See our guide to frequently asked questions about our service and how direct access works.

Getting prompt and timely legal advice can in some cases lead to a prosecution not being pursued or a case being dropped. See our case studies for examples where the intervention of a barrister at the early stage of the case has led to the case being discontinued.

If you have been refused legal aid or if you are paying for your legal representation then our service is ideally suited to you.

We apply the same high standard of care and skill for motoring cases as we would we would for complex fraud and murder. We know that a criminal conviction, regardless of the offence, can have devastating and dire consequences for your employment, your life and your future.

Fighting your corner all the way

What makes our service completely unique is that this service is run and provided by barristers. Each case is unique and we aim to provide a barrister who is suited to the needs to that case. We are not therefore restricted to any one individual or anyone set of chambers. Being charged with a criminal charge is the most daunting and stressful experience, we provide clear advice and a robust advocate who will fight your corner all the way.

If you need criminal law advice and representation? Get in touch today, securely and confidentially.

  • You can call our dedicated enquiry line 0208 123 9999 (24 Hours)
  • Use the Contact Us form opposite for a free call back.
  • Email your cases details of enquiry to An expert criminal barrister will arrange to call you back and provide you free initial advice on your case.

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