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Criminal-barrister.co.uk provides an exclusive and specialist advice and representation service in all criminal matters. The service allows those charged with criminal offences in England and Wales, who are seeking the services of a criminal lawyer, to instruct a criminal barrister directly.

The specialist criminal law barristers providing this service have a notable record of defending clients in all criminal matters. From drink driving to complex fraud to politically motivated murder, we provide advice and representation in the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court. This means direct access to  expert legal advice and experienced court room advocacy by a barrister.

This service and website is intended to guide and demystify how instructing a criminal barrister directly has become much easier, often achieves much better results and is more cost effective.

Client feedback on using our direct access service:

“ a superb job…most professionally done. I was most impressed by the clarity of direct communication. The benefit of instructing a barrister directly was more economical. The service was excellent, prompt and efficient… I would strongly recommend to all my contacts.  “

Mr Y.H , ( A member of the trade delegation to the Cyprus Government)

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 “I was impressed with the speed at which I could directly discuss, with the Barrister, any developments or to gain an opinion relating to my Crown Court trial. This speed enabled me to consider options and make a decision in a timely manner.  Additionally, having the responsibility for paying my costs, I found instructing a Barrister directly saved me in excess of 35%.  I was acquitted thanks to the time and effort put in by the Barrister.

Mr G.D, Ilford, Essex  (Businessman and line manager of a leading blue chip company)

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“I am very happy with the service and professional approach. Saved me more money than I expected. I had a solicitor before this and the costs kept on increasing. Thank you very much for your service. “  
Mr H.H, West London  (Licensed hackney carriage driver)
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“ I had to instruct a barrister, just before my trial because I was refused legal aid. He mastered the case quickly and advised me that there was no case to answer as the main witness had confused me with someone else at the scene (both I and the solicitor had assumed the witness was referring to me). His advice was spot on and the case was dismissed…. I wish I had used the direct barrister route much sooner.”
Mr N.C, Hounslow, Middlesex.
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Getting prompt and timely legal advice can in some cases lead to a prosecution not being pursued or a case being dropped. See our case studies for examples where the intervention of a barrister at the early stage of the case has led to the case being discontinued.

Our commitment

We apply the same high standard of care and skill for all our cases, whether it’s a motoring case or a complex fraud and murder. We provide direct access to the best criminal QC’s (Queens Counsel) for the most serious cases and experienced, specialist criminal barristers in other areas of criminal law. We know that a criminal conviction, regardless of the offence, can have devastating and terrible consequences for your employment, your life and your future. We are regarded as amongst the best criminal lawyers in London.

Business and Corporate Crime

Business crime and “white collar” crime is complex and ever changing. The growth in regulations has led to a number of criminal and regulatory offences for which companies and business can be charged such as bribery, corruption, health and safety and corporate manslaughter. We provide a specialist service to large multinationals, small and medium sized business.


Serious and General Crime.

Our service provides direct access to some of the leading criminal Queen’s Counsel (QC’s) in the country for serious and heavyweight matters, and expert advice and assistance from experienced Crown Court barristers.

  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Complex Fraud and Very High Costs cases (VHCC)
  • International Crime and Extradition.


Motoring Offences and Magistrates Court Offences

We operate a 24/7 dedicated motoring barrister service. Over 90% of criminal cases are tried in the magistrates court. Motoring convictions and driving disqualifications can have serious repercussions for your livelihood and employment.

Your license, in many cases, is your life. Virtually all of our magistrate work can be arranged on a fixed fee basis which means you are given clear and transparent details of costs up front. In the majority of magistrates court cases where legal aid is not available it’s unnecessary to instruct a solicitor as well as barrister, our service does not compromise on quality only the cost.


What makes our service completely unique is that this service is run and provided by barristers. Each case is unique and we aim to provide a barrister who is suited to the needs of that case. We are not therefore restricted to any one individual or any single set of barristers chambers. Being charged with a criminal charge is the most daunting and stressful experience, we provide clear advice and an expert  criminal law barrister who will fight your corner all the way. See our case studies for examples of our work and experience.

The barristers providing this service are fully regulated and are required to have dual regulation requirements. Firstly, as barristers they are regulated by the Bar Standards Board of England and Wales (BSB) and secondly they are  accredited and regulated to carry out Direct Access work.

To arrange for expert advice directly from a specialist criminal barrister call us now on 0208 123 9999 or email for your enquiry info@criminal-barrister.co.uk

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