Device that alerts motorists of nearby police under scrutiny

The Daily Telegraph reports that the “Target Blu Eye” gadget which alerts drivers of nearby police cars is under scrutiny for fear the device being exploited by speeding motorists, drivers committing motoring offences, drink driving and criminals. At a cost of £999, this device apparently picks up on police encoded radio signals and is capable of detecting emergency vehicles more than half a mile away. According to the UK distributor CBS Automotive, this device will help in preventing accidents as drivers will be alerted when the police vehicles are nearby. However Government officials are examining if this device is unlawful and whether it breaches the Wireless Telegraphy Act. Ian Johnston, Gwent Police Crime Commissioner, strongly disapproves the idea of having a device that will alert the motorists, citing misuse by criminals to evade the police or those who are speeding on the road to slow down just before they would have got caught. Even motoring groups, are sceptical. The AA spokesman Luke Bosdet, says
that only those who intend to evade the law would be the ones who would have this device.

The apparently device warns the driver of a nearby police car or even of a nearby helicopter by emitting flashing lights. Despite the threat of being banned, it apparently remains lawful.

Naeem Khokhar, managing director of CBS Automotive, dismisses the idea that this device would aid criminal activities. According to him it is device to prevent crime as a criminal won’t go through with his plan if he is aware of an emergency vehicle in the area.

Whether the law be changed to ban this device or make it a criminal offence to be in possession of it, remains to be seen.


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