Drink Driving News 15 July 2014

Drink driving ban for former footballer Gary Lineker’s public school drop-out son

In another incident of drink driving involving the kin of a high profile celebrity, the son of former England footballer and Sports commentator Gary Linker was caught and has been charged for an incident of early morning drink driving. He was found clipping a roundabout in Wandsworth, south-west London. Harry Lineker, 20, was fined £500 and banned from driving for 12-months by Judge Devinder Sandhu. Harry is apparently unemployed and described unflatteringly as a private school drop-out.

The judge said that it was lucky that no accidents took place. The Police had followed his car for a while because of his erratic driving at 5 am to a McDonald’s suspecting the driver to be drunk. Later, on testing him for alcohol level, he was found to have 86mg of alcohol in 100mg of blood, the legal limit being 80mg.

He appeared at the Hammersmith Magistrates Court, where he arrived with his mother Michelle. His lawyer argued  in court that he wanted to be on TV like his father, who is currently hosting the BBC’s world cup broadcast from Brazil. In an apology to the police for his acts, Harry revealed his”goals” were to follow the steps of his father and become a sports host and be on TV.

Disqualified driver caught driving in Australia, court bans him for driving till he turns 200 yrs old

Down-under- In a peculiar sentence for drink driving in Australia, David Browne, a 61 year old school-bus driver has been disqualified from driving for a 139 years. He was previously disqualified from driving in 2006. He was stopped by the police and provided a road side breath test. Although he escaped jail-term, the judge at the Newcastle Local Court has imposed a 12-month suspension on Mr. Browne with a strict good-behavior bond and an extra disqualification of two years. Which means he is ineligible to drive until 2053.

Feeling grateful that the judge did not give him a jail-term, Mr. David Browne also said that he was driving on June 16 as his son, urgently needed to go to work.

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