DVLA earns from giving out motorists’ details

In the past four and a half years the DVLA has earned about £22 million pounds by selling private details of drivers to parking enforcement firms. The details include the name and address of the motorists along with their vehicle details. This information is used by companies to issue and collect fines for alleged parking and motoring offences. This income is on an annual rise with an estimated total of 7.3 million pounds this year. The previous year, the DVLA had made £6 million pounds which was more than double to the 2.9 million it had earned in 2010-11.

Despite the criticism from motorists and motoring groups over the disclosure of private details of drivers, 31 companies have paid for the data with access to the private details of about £8.7 million drivers. Parking Eye, paying more than 7 million pounds is the biggest spender for recovering such data since 2011.
After a freedom of information request, these latest figures were released by the DVLA. The response clarified that the amount received by the DVLA is utilised to recover the administrative costs and thus indicated that the applicant funds this activity and not the tax payers.

The DVLA also denied any breach of Data Protection laws. According to them it is reasonable to release the data of such vehicle keepers to ensure the motorists commit motoring offences by parking their vehicles on others’ property and with no hope of being made accountable for their actions. If such information was not given to the parking enforcement agencies then it would create a difficulty for the landowner in enforcing their rights.

The DVLA also clarified that they have a valid Data Protection registration, probation periods and audits to keep track of the use of data.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/news/11266733/DVLA-makes-22m-from-drivers-details.html

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