Hackney carriage licence tariff appeal

Hackney Carriage holiday tariff reduction under review in Cumbria.

A consultation by South Lakes District Council has given Hackney carriage taxi drivers until 27 February to respond to suggested proposals that taxi drivers reduce their maximum fare on public holidays (which currently stands as double time) excluding Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Taxi drivers under the suggested proposal could only then charge a maximum fare of time and a half.

The proposals have been criticised by licensed taxi operators, and taxi drivers, as causing significant harm to their livelihood and trade. It was also pointed out that having a maximum fare doesn’t necessarily mean that a taxi driver is obliged to charge the amount.

Taxi licensing law, is a complex and highly specialised area licensing. A great deal of discretion is afforded to local authorities in formulating policy and procedures.

Our specialist taxi licensing lawyers are barristers who advise and represent individual taxi drivers and licensed operators who may face revocation or conditions attached to their license.

We also represent the larger interests of the licensed taxi driver fraternity and can advise and assist on challenges to policy decisions and proposals that may be wrong in law, unfair or unjust.

To speak to a specialist taxi licensing barrister today call us on (020) 8123 9999 or email info@criminal-barrister.co.uk

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