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We cover the whole spectrum of motoring offences, including:

Our specialist and dedicated motoring barristers are experts in all aspects of road traffic law and motoring offences. 90% of all criminal matters are dealt with in the Magistrate’s Court, the majority of these are motoring offences.  From drink driving to speeding and driving without insurance, our seasoned and experienced motoring barristers have spent many years defending motorists on all motoring charges. Getting the best representation by a criminal barrister can make the crucial difference between a conviction and a driving ban. We provide expert advice on your defence to a motoring charge. In appropriate driving cases we advise on securing crucial expert and forensic evidence  such as  successfully challenging intoximeter readings and their reliability, “back calculations” and accident scene “reconstructions.” Such evidence can be crucial to a defence of drink driving, dangerous or careless driving. We provide a complete solution of advice and assistance by robustly presenting your case in court, whether in the Magistrates or Crown Court, for the first time or on appeal. We have represented and defended thousands of motorists in motoring offences.  Some recent case studies:
A client who was almost three times the legal limit, was punished with a fine instead of a community punishment order after our barrister successfully argued that the lower reading was on the “cusp” of the sentencing guidelines and that allowing for a margin of error the guidelines should equally allow for such a “margin of error” and a lower punishment. Result: The Magistrate agreed and imposed a fine instead of imprisonment or community sentence,  in addition to the minimum disqualification.
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I had to instruct a barrister, just before my trial because I was refused legal aid. He mastered the case quickly and advised me that there was no case to answer as the main witness had confused me with someone else at the scene (both I and the solicitor had assumed the witness was referring to me). His advice was spot on and the case was dismissed…. I wish I had used the direct barrister route much sooner.” – Mr N.C, Hounslow, Middlesex.
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A client who was described by police officers as “drunk and incapable” behind the wheel of his car and then refused to blow in the intoximeter. He was taken to the police station, where again he refused to blow into the breath test device. He was charged with failing to provide a breath specimen. The case was listed for “special reasons” where the officers description of “drunk and incapable” was challenged by our barrister as the client was undergoing bereavement treatment and it was shown that despite being intoxicated (and with the key in the ignition of the car) that there was no intention to drive and hence there were “special reasons” not to disqualify. Result: The Magistrates agreed and did not disqualify and imposed a fine instead.
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Our Client was charged with failing to stop after an accident, the prosecution alleged that she had failed to respond to the summons (she was on holiday) and she was convicted in her absence. We successfully had the proceedings reopened and the matter was again listed for trial. Despite 3 independent witnesses stating that the client had hit two other motor vehicles, she was found not guilty of the more serious charge of failing to stop after an accident after our barrister skillfully argued the flaw in the prosecution cross examination of the client. “Perhaps you had not realized that your car hit the other car.” If that was the case, why was she charged with failing to stop! Result: The Magistrate agreed and acquitted of the charge.
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Professional drivers.

For many of our clients their license is their livelihood. We offer a tailor-made service for professional drivers. Our clients have included company executives, estate agents, taxi drivers (Hackney carriage and PCO licences), HGV licence holders, goods delivery and van drivers and fleet hire services.

Avoiding a driving ban

You risk losing your license if you have 12 or more penalty points accumulated over three years. We have successfully argued “special reasons” or “exceptional hardship” which have resulted in a disqualification being avoided altogether. We have a noteworthy record in persuading magistrates not to impose a driving disqualification and substantially reducing penalty points imposed on a license.

Convicted and Sentenced? Should I appeal?

You have a right to appeal a conviction and sentence (which includes the right to appeal a driving disqualification) from the Magistrate’s Court to the Crown Court. However the time limits are strict. Contact us straight away if you have been convicted and sentenced in the Magistrate’s Court. We offer a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to giving legal advice as to the prospects of success on appeal. We can provide a written opinion or discuss your case as well as representing you in the Crown Court for any appeal hearing. We can also provide a second opinion and consider any evidence or legal arguments which may have been overlooked at your original trial. See our Appeal section.

Case Studies

Case studies where we have successfully appealed motoring convictions in the Magistrate’s Court on appeal to the Crown Court.

Our client was left unrepresented after he sacked his solicitor on the day of trial. He represented himself at trial and was found guilty of allegedly assaulting a female passenger late at night. He was very emotional and protested his innocence throughout the trial to the point that the Magistrate said he was “disrupting proceedings” and security would be called. He approached our direct access barrister who conducted the appeal in the Crown Court, and cross examined the female passenger relying heavily on CCTV of the incident and the testimony of a crucial independent witness who stated that the passenger was being extremely abusive toward the driver (which she denied). Result: He successfully overturned the conviction on appeal and was awarded his legal costs
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One lawyer – fixed fees – expert representation at lower costs

Severe cuts to public funding (legal aid) in recent years has meant that for many motoring offences legal aid is no longer available. We offer a fixed fee service for most motoring work. This means you only pay for a specialist motoring barrister to advise and represent you. It also means you do not have to pay for two lawyers instead of one. As most motoring offences are tried in the Magistrate’s Court your case can usually be dealt with by a barrister alone under the direct access scheme without the unnecessary expenditure of a solicitor.

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