Murder, manslaughter and serious violence lawyer

Our criminal law barristers have represented those charged with the most serious offences including murder and terrorism. We have particular expertise in cases involving cultural and religious considerations and international cross-border offences. We have specialist knowledge and understanding on investigation and evidence gathering including foreign third-party countries. Our barrister led legal teams work closely with investigators, other lawyers and experts. Our recent cases have included high profile politically motivated murder, alleged assassination and contract killing offences.

Thorough and meticulous preparation

Thorough preparation and meticulous attention to detail in serious criminal offences are the foundations for a robust defence. A criminal barrister must be experienced and skilled in dealing with the complex interplay of key factors of law and science: forensic and ballistic evidence, DNA, telephone and cell site analysis, murder scene and murder weapon investigation, CCTV, cyber and digital technology, and even psychology.

Our approach is dogged, determination and persistence. We vigorously pursue the prosecution for disclosure which has the ability to undermine their case and relevant lines of enquiry.  We analyse disclosure of important material which the Crown Prosecution Service and police can overlook.

We challenge assumptions and, on occasions, successfully discredited “accepted” scientific opinion as flawed. We have a strong track record of representing the most vulnerable and marginalized people charged with the most serious offences.

Heavyweight Criminal Counsel.

A Queens Counsel or QC (the highest seniority of a barrister) is instructed to represent those charged with the most serious offences. We provide a direct access service to the most reputable and leading criminal murder QCs in the country.

Recent cases have included:


The Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court)  A five week “Operation Trident” trial of a “mistaken identity” gangland style killing. The case centred on complex evidence such as telephone cell site analysis and a history of feuds of shootings and counter shootings of south London gangs. More info.
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(Old Bailey – Central Criminal Court ) a very high profile murder of Turkish woman by  a 16 year old described as the “youngest ever hitman in English legal history“. The Defendant was accused of being the minder of the hitman. Case involved complex cell site evidence and focussed on the admissibility of a disputed “confession” by the gunman to one of the prosecution key witnesses.
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A high Profile investigation by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit. The case involved the arrests of a number of UK nationals on the suspicion of the murder of a well-known Indian politician, in India. Early intervention and advice was taken from our criminal barrister on the issue  lawfulness and fairness of identification parades taking place in India, instead of  in the UK and issues of contamination of evidence and human rights. Suspects were released (without charge) – The instructed solicitor had followed our barrister’s advice not to become party to procedures in India.
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If you or someone close to you is facing a charge of murder or manslaughter, you will need expert advice and representation. Call our direct line in complete confidence on 0208 123 9999 (which operates a 24 hour service) or e-mail for free preliminary advice.

If you have been convicted for murder or a serious offence we can also offer advice, assistance on appeals.

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