Many still drink drinking, reports Cambridgeshire Police

Cambridgeshire police recently reviewed new statistics showing a significant number of individuals are still drink driving out on the roads, risking their lives regardless of the several forewarnings from the police.

The statistics of the campaign ‘THINK!’ showed that the out of the 31,1,629 about 120 individuals have failed the breath tests while 9 had to be arrested following a failure to provide a breath specimen for the test. The campaign was conducted from July 1st to July 31st.
However the statistics demonstrate a declining figure since the last THINK! Campaign last year, where 173 had failed the test and 8 were arrested for failing to provide a specimen.

Sergeant Chris Huggins said, “We focused on the dangers of driving the morning after a heavy night and targeted areas where risk was highest, particularly around venues broadcasting the World Cup. Although the figures are lower than last year’s, our anti-drink and drug driving message, is still not being heeded by enough people. Drink driving puts lives at risk, not only the driver’s and any passengers, but also other road users.”

Citing the importance of the campaign, he further added, “We run the campaign throughout summer as many people want to enjoy the spectacle and excitement of sporting events, music festivals and the like, and while we’re not trying to diminish their enjoyment, people must take responsibility for themselves when getting behind the wheel of a car and ensure that they are in a fit state to do so.”

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