New drink drive limit kicks in scotland

With new drink driving limits in Scotland being lowered from 80mg to 50 mg per 100 ml of blood, drivers would have to wait a few hours longer to stay below the new prescribed limit. Dr Hazel Torrance, from the University of Glasgow, states that a combination of factors , in addition consumption of alcohol can determine the limit, including; the difference in body weight, sex of the person, whether they have eaten or not. Alcohol, impacts differently on different people. It takes longer to reach a maximum alcohol concentration in one’s blood if one has been eating. According to Dr Torrance, previously one could drink about a pint and half of beer or a large glass and a half of wine and still be under the limit, however now with the setting in of the new limit in Scotland a person can have about a pint of beer and a single glass of wine. People have been advised to wait before they drive after drinking, depending on the amount drunk.

On an average it takes about an hour to clear 15-18mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. The difference in the old and new limit of the alcohol limit is 30 mg, so it would take one additional two hours to remain under the new limit. However toxicologists fear that one could be very well under the limit but still be impaired due to alcohol and thus it was important to refrain from driving completely after drinking.

According to Scottish justice secretary Michael Matheson, who was involved in highlighting the new drink driving limit north of the border, the new limit will make Scotland’s road safer and would help in saving lives. He also mentioned that just like in the Republic of Ireland, where the limits were lowered, Scotland is expecting to see a reduction in drink drinking.

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