Palestinian President alleges attacks are ‘genocide’

Urging international support for halting attacks on Palestinian, President Mahmoud Abbas has indicated that the Palestinian state may join the International Criminal Court. With strong criticism from the UN that Israel could possibly be acting in violation of international law, allegations of war-crimes being committed are being reported from the bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas described the attacks over it by Israel as an act of ‘genocide’ and not a terrorist mission. Israel’s actions have been widely condemned around the world for disproportionate and one of its most harshest operations in recent times.

The Israel government had recently launched the ‘Operation Protective Edge’ against the terrorist group of Hamas, active in the Gaza strip, after it launched 70 rockets at the southern and central parts of the state in a retaliation to the execution of three Palestinian teens.

With more than 40,000 reservists sent to the southern border of Israel for war, the Palestinian civilians have been the worst affected with reports that more than 85% of the war-causalities were civilians, out of which one-fourth alone were children while the operation was purportedly aimed to combat Hamas.

The intensity of the present conflict is attracting international condemnation of escalation of the conflict by both sides and resulting in world-wide protests.

Mahmoud Abbas has alleged war-crimes as a”mass genocide” that needs to be investigated by International bodies. In an attempt to urge the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, Mr. Abbas has also approached the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah and UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon to pressurize Israel to immediately bring its operation to a halt.

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