We cover the whole spectrum of criminal offences:

We provide a comprehensive service to individuals, organizations, companies and NGO’s. In recent years drastic cuts to legal aid have meant that an ever increasing number of people appearing before the criminal courts are being forced to pay for their own legal representation. Our service aims to provide the highest quality representation to those charged with criminal offences, by an experienced criminal barrister both cost effectively and directly.

For all serious criminal offences a criminal lawyer is needed, however in many criminal cases, instructing a barrister means it is unnecessary to instruct a solicitor as well. Our direct access criminal barrister service thereby significantly reduces the cost of unnecessarily having to pay for two lawyers (a solicitor and a barrister).

We have 4 levels of services:

  • Barristers for Individuals – Crown court and Magistrates cases
  • Barristers for complex and VHCC cases
  • Barrister services for Businesses and Companies
  • Barristers for Licensing, Regulatory and related matters

Our services include:

  • Pre-charge advice,
  • Advice on your defence and evidence.
  • Representation for bail, pre-trial hearings,
  • Preparing your case for trial
  • Representation at trial, conducting your case before a judge and jury or magistrate.
  • A specialist advice, preparation and representation service for appeals.

We pride ourselves on providing a first-class service with skill and commitment, in a straight talking down to earth away. Our service provides you a specialist criminal barrister from the very beginning:

  • A barrister advising you on your case
  • A barrister advising you on the law
  • A barrister leading your defence directly.

Direct access has considerable benefits. If your case does not require a solicitor you do not then need to pay for two lawyers. Instead you pay for one expert criminal lawyer for advice and advocacy (a criminal barrister).

We are criminal lawyers based in London but work nationwide in all crown courts and magistrates courts across England and Wales.To arrange for expert advice directly from a specialist criminal barrister call us 0208 123 9999 or email

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