Taxi Licensing Appeals

We are specialist taxi licensing lawyers who are practicing barristers specialising in the complex area of taxi licensing appeals. Taxi licensing authorities have wide powers to revoke and suspend licences. In our experience in some cases these wide powers can be misused and are often rectified on appeals to the magistrates court.

  • Hackney carriage licences.
  • Private Hire vehicle licences
  • Operators licences
  • Fleet Operators.
  • Minibus and Coach Hire

Expert Taxi Lawyers – Barristers specialising in Taxi Licensing appeals

We provide a specialist and comprehensive taxi licensing appeals service for the following taxi licence holders:

Hackney carriage licences Appeal

Hackney carriage licence Appeal

Private Hire vehicle licences Appeal

Private Hire vehicle licence Appeal

Operators licence Appeal







Taxi licensing appeals is a highly specialised area of the law. Taxi drivers in the UK are probably the one of the most highly regulated anywhere in the world. Getting the right advice and intervention at an early stage can be crucial. In some cases through careful negotiation and mediation a licensing authority may be persuades to reinstate the licence without going to court, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.

We provide specialist advice, assistance and representation in relation to:


  • Appeals against the refusal to issue or grant a taxi license (hackney carriage, private hire vehicle, Operator’s license).
  • Appeals against the decision if your existing taxi licence is revoked or suspended.
  • Appeals against conditions attached to a taxi license.
  • Appeals against restrictions and prohibitions on a license.
  • Drafting the Appeal Notice.
  • Representation at disciplinary hearings.
  • Refusal to issue or revocation of a taxi licence on the grounds of ill health and disability
  • Applications to suspend the taxi license revocation before the appeal is heard.

Taxi licence revoked ? We can help

The approach taken to taxi licensing varies considerably from local authority to local authority. Normally you have a right to appeal directly to the Licensing committee. If the licensing committee uphold the refusal then there is a right of appeal to the magistrate’s court and thereafter in certain circumstances to the Crown Court. Making the right choice and tactical decision as to whether to appeal and where to appeal can be crucial. We understand that losing your license means losing your livelihood and employment.

Advising on the law, technical defences and what evidence needs to be relied on to strengthen your appeal is crucial to the outcome.

Experts in taxi licence appeals and criminal law.

Our expertise in criminal law complements our knowledge and expertise of taxi licensing law and legislation. In our experience common reasons for a revocation are:

    • Failing to disclose a criminal or serious motoring conviction,
    • Being arrested or convicted of a criminal offence in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court which has led to the suspending of the license.
    • Dishonesty.
    • Vehicle maintenance and safety
    • Customer complaints
    • Other “bad conduct” which the Licensing Authority will argue demonstrates you are not a “fit and proper person” to hold a licence.
    • In addition, a driver may find himself facing a serious criminal charge before the Crown Court or the magistrates Court. Our service ensures that there is a seamless service in defending both a criminal charge and the taxi license revocation. Having a barrister who understands both cases can be vital to the success in each case.

Appealing against a taxi licence refusal or revocation: strict time limits.

You normally have 21 days in which an appeal can be lodged. If you do not comply with the deadline this can result in an automatic rejection of your appeal, even if you have good grounds to defend your license.

We are London based and have experience of defending taxi revocation appeals before local licensing authorities across the country. To discuss your case with an expert taxi barrister who specialises in taxi licensing appeals call us now on 0208 123 9999 or email to arrange a free initial consultation and discussion about your case.

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