The insurance cost of a drink driving offence

A drink driving conviction can result in refusal of car insurance by many insurance providers and an increase in insurance premiums of up to 149%. Its one of the many issues that a motorist convicted of drink driving offence faces.

Research commissioned by Moneysupermarket revealed that a 50-year-old could see a rise in their annual car insurance premium about 121%, with younger drivers facing even greater increases.

This is in addition to, a 12 month drink driving ban, a criminal conviction and in some cases a sentence of imprisonment.

The increased insurance premiums can be staggering:

A typical car insurance premium based on a male driver, with and without a drink driving conviction: (30 year old male from Maidstone, Kent ME15, driving a Ford Focus (2006)  travelling upto 10,000 miles a year. With a DR10 penalty – 6 points on licence, 40 mg  found in blood, £1,000 fine and 12 month driving disqualification.

The increased premium on average is £703.19, a 149% increase.

Provider 5 Yr NCD – 0 Convictions 5 Yr NCD – DR10 Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit Difference in Premium
Provider 1 £291.66 £1,719.28 £1,427.62
Provider 2 £291.72 £1,719.28 £1,427.56
Provider 3 £296.01 £1,117.19 £821.18
Provider 4 £346.81 £1,161.69 £814.88
Provider 5 £366.34 £575.41 £209.07
Provider 6 £429.66 £1,702.36 £1,272.70
Provider 7 £480.00 £1,679.81 £1,199.81
Provider 8 £502.51 £667.24 £164.73
Provider 9 £503.40 £1,242.32 £738.92
Provider 10 £506.87 £1,067.97 £561.10
Provider 11 £524.49 £1,183.98 £659.49
Provider 12 £526.47 £1,117.41 £590.94
Provider 13 £539.23 £951.27 £412.04
Provider 14 £539.69 £1,039.34 £499.65
Provider 15 £541.36 £862.40 £321.04
Provider 16 £548.18 £1,188.39 £640.21
Provider 17 £559.09 £1,011.87 £452.78
Provider 18 £580.82 £1,124.77 £543.95
Provider 19 £593.97 £1,196.97 £603.00
Average £472.01 £1,175.21 £703.19

Sourced by 17.05.2012

Getting expert drink driving advice and representation has never been more important.

If you are found guilty of driving or attempting to drive above the prescribed limit, the court will impose an automatic 12 months driving disqualification, your driving license can be endorsed with anything between 3 and 11 penalty points.

A drink driving conviction can affect your career prospects, and you may lose your job if convicted. Some countries can restrict travel if you are convicted of a criminal offence.

Many alleged drink driving offences are far from straightforward. There may be a complete defence or compelling mitigation, depending on individual circumstances.

Despite clearly defined drink driving prescribed limits, there is no definitive method in working out how much a person can drink without going over the legal limit. Studies have shown that the amount of alcohol consumed can vary enormously. Tolerance to alcohol levels can be affected by what a person has eaten,  metabolism or even stress levels. Tolerance to alcohol can also be affected by age, weight, the sex of the person, the amount of alcohol and what type of alcoholic drink has been consumed.

If you have been charged with a drink driving offence and need urgent advice or if you have been convicted and are considering appealing to the Crown Court, get in touch today and speak to an expert drink driving lawyer, a barrister, who can give you advice and assistance on the way forward.
Call 0208 123 9999 or email

Your licence and livelihood is your life, don’t lose it.

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