The judge, the lawyer, and police officer guilty of drink-driving

In both the pre and post Christmas drink driving period, there have been a number of high-profile drink-driving convictions, both here and abroad. What makes three cases particularly significant are that all are professionally involved in the criminal justice system in dealing with drink drivers.

The Judge:

Justice Anne Brampton, a sitting Supreme Court Judge of South Australia hit a cyclist in Adelaide whilst driving over the prescribed limit. In addition to the being banned from driving for 8 months and 14 days, she has also been banned from sentencing drink driving offenders or dealing with any civil case concerning a motoring offence.

The Drink-driving lawyer:

Helen Dugdale, a drink driving and motoring lawyer, was disqualified from driving for 18 months, after she pleaded guilty at Manchester Magistrates Court. She was seen by witnesses leaving a Wine bar and getting into her car. She was later breathalysed and arrested for being twice over the legal limit

The Police officer:

A traffic police officer of the South Yorkshire Police, PC Adam Walker was banned from driving for 12 months, after pleading guilty. He was caught driving to work over the driving limit and was suspended from active duty by the police.

We have represented clients accused of drink driving, failing to provide a specimen or driving whilst under the influence of drink and drugs from all walks of life: business executives, professionals, taxi drivers, professional drivers, architects, businessmen and members of foreign government trade delegations.

Many of our clients have no previous convictions and find themselves before the courts because of momentary lapse of judgement the effects of which can be far reaching; a criminal conviction, possibility of going to prison and losing a driving license and the repercussions on those who rely heavily depend on their driving license for their livelihoost representation in such cases has the ability to radically change the outcome for a driver.

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